Whats Good World!

The name is Jason Daniel Rivera, I must say getting into this blog scene is kinda interesting.. hopefully the cyber world treats me as kind as it has already. To start off ill talk about the now: Im the owner of a bike business called Hustle Bikes, ill soon be set up with my own shop this summer in North Hollywood California. On the side I go to community college and work. My side hobbies which are playing the bass guitar, drawing cartoons, script writing, and lastly freestyle rapping keep me in a constant state of mind. Being born and Raised in california really taught me something about networking. The only reason my business was a success after three years of hard work where my community of friends/family. Those are the people I wake up too thanking. How I got started in the bike scene was pretty bitter sweet, Before I was a Cyclist I was a hardcore Sk8ter of 5 years. On one tragic day I was bombing the hills of Sunland going too fast. End result was me getting some gnarly speed wobbles and falling on my knee on that glossy blacktop called a street.  After that I went to the hospital and the doctor told me ill be off from the sk8ter world for a few months. Knowing myself quite well I wasnt going to have it, I knew that after maybe a month ill get back on a sk8teboard. But after that month I just let go of the passion for a new hobbie that I was just getting into and that was bike riding. Its strange Ive always Idolized sonic the hedgehog and when I looked at sk8teboarding I felt like him. But once I jumped on a bike I knew I was him. I know now that I chose the right passion because of this one fateful day when I road with the most unique people in california that Im happy to still be friends with. This day we road around the La Cresenta mountains, a 24 mile course that was once dominated by only road bikes because of its three cities of up hill now being concurred by a few midnight ridazz on track bikes.

My past is one with many ups and downs but I love it because it is all an experience. The worst experience I’ve gotten myself into was when I got a DUI at the age of 19. Its was hard for me too bounce back but with a little self realizations with a few of my favorite psychedelics I grew out of my sadness. Along with the tragic challenges life threw at me their are some amazing ones that I tend to day dream about when Im dozing in thought. One of those memories take me too the day I biked too the beach in less then an hour.I biked from hollywood and highland to Santa Monica. That day I ran into a beautiful russian chick that gave me her number just so that I can call her if I ever got lost. It was my first time biking too the beach so I really appreciated her help. I was also riding my dream bike which I finally finished completing at the time. The dream bike got stolen a few months ago though but I don’t mind, Im sure the karma police will give the robber a nice slice of whoop ass.

Now lastly my future, I really don’t know whats going to happen with my health, business, love, family, or friends. Wise words have told me too look at who I am now and not who I will become because ill only be looking at some perfection that my mind manifested. A person that is a dream is not who I want to be , one day ill show the world a person who is simply living the dream. no expectations just hard work with a side of determination. for those who read this, I welcome you to my life.

P.S. EXPECT posts about #LA culture #Track Bikes #Food #Music #Amazing people #Art #Literature #Travel #Kush


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