This Is My Dimension

I gaze at the wilderness with stoned eyes, reminicising on how life used to be. My Simple, new, isolated, and less repetitive existence turned inside out by the waterfall of experiences which is finally trying to bring me down. But once I realized the bigger picture I could see the climb to the top. Offering my skills to pay bills and accept that with life given some has to be given away. This thought leading to my conclusion that the ones that are truly free from the prison of their own mind are the ones who are accepting of the past, present, and future…even if there no clear answers. This is my nature spot of choice just because its only a bicycle ride away.

la tuna canyon nature spot

While riding to the nature spot I would usually listen to the playlist “Hip-Hop instrumentals collection” on the old Ipod, occasionally rhyming to the point that I’d need to catch my breath. It’s worth the lose of breath in my opinion just because I’d be spitting some lyrical slurs, if you met me in person you already know. One song that I hold dear too my heart is Hip-Hop legend Lord Finesse’s 22 years instrumental. This track and the scenery that I constantly digest through my near sited eyes bend and twist my imagination. No doubt, stimulation for the mind, body, and soul.


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