“I guess somebody up there likes me”

The Sirens Of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was the 2nd novel by the Author. Published in 1959 this Science Fiction Novel let me go inside the mind of Kurt. The book starts off with the protagonist named Malachi Constant the richest and luckiest man of the 22nd century. When he is described to us you realize that he isn’t your traditional hero. The man is actually a Hollywood Swinger that uses his fortune and unlimited amount of luck to get his way in any sort of situation good or bad. After the first chapter he is told by the antagonist of the story Winston Niles Rumfoord that his luck will run out and that he will be sent off in an adventure through Mars, Mercury, Earth(again), and Titan(one of the moons in Saturn’s orbit). With Rumfoord being one with the Chrono-Synclastic Infundibula, he is able too see through all the wrong and only understand the right. This giving him 2 special abilities, 1) too look into the past and future with ease and 2) giving him and his dog the power to materialize all around the solar system. After being the fortune teller for Malachi Constant you go through an adventure filled with Space travel, Martian Terrorism, Discovery of the peaceful creatures named Harmoniums, Love in rape, Love in friendship, and the reason why an alien is responsible for the entire course of human history.


This being the last Kurt Vonnegut book that ill read, I realize I chose the best for last. I try to think about all the people who take religion, money, patriotism, beauty, and even love to some extent very seriously. With all the rambling, dark humor, and imagination the author put into this book you realize that in the end all he wanted to do is tell us to be skeptical in what we put meaning too and the conclusions that we draw from them. To justify my words I reveal to you this 1990 cover art of The Sirens of Titan by the late Richard Powers, showing us that thinking outside the box is the way to go.



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