Ghost Riders Santa Monica Ride

Me and a few of my best friends went on a bike ride to the beach a few days ago. I would have posted this on the day of but I’ve bin so busy enjoying my spring break. It’s hard to believe that many people still assume riding from Burbank to Santa Monica beach is extremely far and so not worth the adventure. Ever since my first ride their I realized that the 20+ miles was nothing but a mere illusion of distance. Did time play an april fools joke on us when we reached the beach in little under an hour. No, it wasn’t an April fools joke. me and my friends managed to pace through all of burbank, north hollywood, universal city, hollywood, west hollywood, beverly hills and lastly Santa Monica. This being one of my most recent night rides I come to realize that I’ve grown up a lot in this sport. I started out cycling with a really neglected looking road bike, i’d ride a few miles and that was more then enough of a workout for me. Once I bought a Track bike though everything changed I finally began to understand how much energy a person actually has. I would ride through every street in the Valley, just so I could have my town mapped in my head. I’d also tell my friend about all the rides I’ve done and how much gas they’d save if they bike road. I even got a few of them to add bike riding to their daily routine. With a little help of my friends who night rode and constantly pushed me to the next level, then a question manifested in time for me to record it. Is there really a level that we’ll never reach, or is infinity real in all of us? ill answer that when death calls. If anyone want to join the Ghost Riders movement just add me on Facebook for more information. We will be having weekly rides and once we generate a huge group of LA cyclists we’ll start hosting races.

This is my new bike for the time being it’s a bright piece of track history.

Charlie’s bike it’s a real beauty especially with that wheel set.

John’s bike it’s an aluminum frame with a carbon fork, very unique and very fast.

Me enjoying the pier with friend, I think we where people watching..i cant remember..haha

Ghost Riders: John(left) Charlie(middle) Me(right)

P.S. if you liked how these pictures came out they where photographed Deejay Murdok at


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