Wolfpack Hustle: Marathon Crash Race

Story starts with me meeting up with the Homie Mario to go pick up some Aero Bars. Once I did that I rolled to the streets to got use to them. Not to mention I had to be comfortable fast because the marathon crash race was less then 20 hours away. Having taken them out on a test run through the streets of DTLA I felt like I was ready to ride with the other hundreds of competitors.


Once at the crash race this is what I saw…thousands of people..just like the year before..


Something about cyclists and group rides…we love them.. back to the story, During the race I got to see water bottles flying, go-pro’s being crushed, and people sliding from turning to sharp. luckily, I was drafting some guy on a cervelo P5. Me and the guy riding the P5 helped each other and managed to pass a large amount of people. But none the less this ride was fun.


When the race was over me and a few friends where stranded by the beach. We got a chance to grub at Norms and decided to chill by the Venice Canals. If you haven’t ridden there your in for a treat.


Foggy mornings are the best when hanging out with friends.



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