Monday Night Rehab

For every Bike ride there will always be a few friends made. I have met some pretty cool people on this ride in particular. I remember the first time riding Monday Night Rehab and seeing a bunch of cyclists huddled at a parking lot ready to ride the night away. Very new to the sport I slowly made friends who taught me all I know and built strong connections with my community of riders. A few years passed and now with many new faces that come and go I come to realize that this ride is a great way for a cyclist to fall deep into the scene. Your either a speed demon or a chiller on two wheels the pace never changes.


Earlier that day me and my friend Ryan road up to griffith observatory, sore legs wont stop us from having some monday night fun. To tell you the truth we weren’t even tired.


I usually leave after the first stop because of school in the morning, So I take a lonely stroll through the empty streets of burbank just to make it home tired and relieved that days like these never end.



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