He Just Turned 18

I live for the thrill when riding down these city streets. Evading cars is one of the many obstacles we go through while riding from city to city. Some don’t even go that far and still get hit, thus leaving a bad taste in my mouth knowing people during moments of colliding with a cyclist decide to flee from the scene. What if you staying there and calling the ambulance could have saved his or her life. No one will ever know, and the memory of the cyclist will only be a reflection of what other people remember. Wearing a Helmet is a very important thing to do, I cant stress this enough.

…The person who hit david is said to be driving a silver Range Rover and is of white or armenian dissent.


In the city of north hollywood I saw two ghost bikes, both only half a mile apart on Oxnard St. Hard to believe for some but a reoccurring thing for us who keep true to daily commuting. R.I.P.



4 thoughts on “He Just Turned 18

  1. Oops, sorry, phone and fat fingers. Let me try again…

    I’ve seen ghost bikes in London, fortunately where I live I haven’t seen one, though I see a lot of flowers and memorials on trees and lamp posts. I guess painting and entire car white and leaving it there would be a bad idea.

    I wish more people cycled, cars were automated and also limited to 20MPH except motorways and designated “A” roads.

    Maybe time will improve the safety of all who use the roads, unfortunately it will come too late for too many.

      1. I would say it is the people aspect that is the danger. Automated cars, like the google car, they will hopefully remove that danger.

        Sure, road layouts are a problem, we as cyclists can choose better routes avoiding trouble spots, but there’s no guarantee the idiots aren’t driving down that road too.

        I can’t remember the last time I used a cycle lane, in the uk they are generally built in favour of motorists, with leaving, ending, joining, crossing busy roads. It is dangerous in my opinion so I tend to stay where I “am” the traffic. Besides, they are only built where there is space, no space equals no cycle lane. Space generally means a nice wide road for everyone to share anyway.

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