My Handlebar Obsession

The Time Trial Bars keep me in a hard cruising speed! the position when I go aero took some time to get use to but once I had a few hours on them I had a greater understanding on why they where so beneficial. The aero position keeps my upper body at rest so that my legs can do all the work and use up all my energy.
tt bars

These drops are probably what made the velodrome so fun, They have a huge drop that leaves me starring at the ground if I’m not paying attention. The Fizik Bar tape I have wrapped on them give the drops a comfy feeling if ever sprinting.

pista drops

The Lizard skin tape on these aero bullhorns are awesome, they have an awesome grip and feel to them. the way the bars are designed keep me off my seat most of the time, I don’t really know why but i don’t mind.


I love these road drop bars for commuting, they have three positions to them that make sprinting and climbing a breeze. In this picture I have them unwrapped but at the moment I have prologo bar tape on them, just to let you know prologo undoubtedly has the best feeling to them.


I’ve always enjoyed riser bars even if I cant do tricks. the length of them make it almost suicidal to ride through city traffic. Cutting through traffic with confidence when I’m riding with these though. I usually use them when I go riding with females just so I’m not to tempted to ride fast.


Bull horns are the first type of handle bars that I’ve ridden. The feeling of pulling on them makes it a little easier when climbing hills. It’s easy to slowdown since you can hold on the ends and have a little more of an extended push and pull when breaking.


The Cut bullhorns where given to me by a friend that thought they’d look nice, I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did. Goes to show they where road champion drop bars and to give them more of the urban feel I wrapped the bars with a tube that I cut to substitute as bar tape.



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