Sunday Night Boogie

This is my weekly sunday night bicycle ride, our fast paced style has giving it a reputation thats good for some and bad for others. In my opinion riding a bicycle is for pushing your limits of mind and body. I live for keeping a 20+ mph average for miles on end. I invite all kinds of people big or small to have a taste of the sunday night boogie sweat. You will thank me or hate if you last till the end. Party rides are also thrown in the mix where we will mosey through the streets of the san fernando valley so we can scout new riders. Any style of riding is accepted when its a PARTY RIDE WEEK. Hope to see some new faces this sunday

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 10.07.49 AM

Remember your growth in cycling is equivalent to the amount of passion you hold. Once you realize that manifest destiny starts with never giving up and consistently pushing on, then you will become one of the Sunday Night Beasts. I will be giving spoke cards at the end of every ride by the way.


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