Spoke’n Art Ride

Im the type of person who makes more then one set of plans through out the day. I was suppose to party, ride to a friends house, or go to the Spoke’n Art Ride to chill with my friend Jess. I usually choose riding, once my decision was made I turned on my STRAVA APP on my phone just to see how fast I could make it to Eagle Rock from Sun Valley. I was going to arrive late but I didn’t mind because my friend Jessica was sure to tell me the rides location.


Arriving at the destination faster then expected I found myself in front of an arts and crafts store by the name of Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. There where about 60 cyclists with only one intention and that was to look at art. I heard from some people that the whole ride was created for the soul purpose of riding around and viewing art. Pretty neat idea if I don’t say so myself.


Inside the store you can see that its very colorful with tons of items that make you feel like you entered a fun house. Jess was pretty excited being inside this store.


There was a bunch of art work but the one piece that caught my eye immediately was this picture of a zebra riding a fixie.


Live artwork was being made as well and sold for the humble price of $15.00 per piece.


After roaming the streets for art shows the ride leader took us energetic groups of riders to a bicycle path that runs along a little creek, There where some murals that he made a few days before the ride. For the love of cycling RIDE OR DIE.


The Ride ended at the Bike Oven which is a community powered bicycle Co-op. You can build your bikes here and find some awesome deals if you need components in a pinch. Located on 3706 N Figueroa St Los Angeles,This Bike shop was raging with night life.


Being a former bicycle mechanic I love bicycle tools, If only everyone knew how to be a bicycle mechanic the worlds congestion of air born pollutants might decrease.


Many people where here and age didn’t matter. I had a great night and the ride back was even better having it spent with my friends. Cultural rides are important to have, they keep cycling lively and exciting. How else are we going to get newbies of the sport excited to get faster.



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