Sunday Night Boogie: The Party Ride

Sunday Night Boogie: the party ride was a success. I usually roll in with no expectations so to see all the people at the meet spot was awesome. Before the ride though I had work and had to print out the spoke cards, managed to do all that with time to spare. The cards came out pretty nice for not having done them in a while.


As usual we met up at the meet spot which is the north Hollywood station at 6:30pm. This place has been transformed into a destination for many night rides in the valley.


At the start of the ride we all rolled out with one thing in mind and that was to bike ride. Trying to make a cultural ride is something that I’m going to work on, I cant always be pushing people to there limits.


We roll out and show our reality some of our passionate insanity for cycling. Just check out the tall bike if you don’t believe me.


After some riding I lead the group to a liquor store so they can grab some snacks before we hit the park for some good old socializing.


When we reached the park I was surrounded by some familiar faces and many new faces. It was an epic experience and hope to have another like this on the week after Ciclavia.


photos by the talented Jaime Morales
check out his Industrial Design & Photography Firm –


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