The Rider, Builder, and Bicycle

The Homie Vee has gone to war, is a tattoo artist, and enjoys hanging out with good people, not to mention he is a beast when riding the streets. A commuter above all he upgrades once again and this time with a one of a kind pursuit frame that suits his rad lifestyle. With an Orbea 650 full carbon fork and front rim he has a dramatic top tube slope that would leave most necks turning 180 degrees when watching him mash the streets.


The Builder is Wade H, manager of State Bicycles LA he has a passion for welding frames and making them into pursuit beasts. This being another success story he hopes to show the world his talent to many others someday soon. Go visit State Bikes LA on 11223 1/2 Magnolia Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601 to see his other creations. He is truly an innovator within this growing sport of Track cycling.


The Bicycle as you can see has been custom built to the very last component. The LA culture within this bike suits the riders LA lifestyle. Don’t be afraid of the Pursuit its only the design that looks dramatic because once riding it you will realize that its measured to work as a normal track bike. Are you ready to become one of a kind?



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