Finally, I’ve been awarded my first KOM. Trying to turn on my STRAVA app is something I should remember to do more often. Seeing results is a big reason why I keep riding, if you could only see how happy I am. Im not expecting my KOM to stay for too long so I’ll assume someone will beat my record so I can inevitably try to be on the top again.


For being on a track bike I feel pretty good keeping a consistent 18-20 mph average. Im usually on the 48×14 but when I switch to the 48×16 I feel pretty light on my feet.


Maybe one day Ill see myself on other leader boards being the top dog. But for now ill enjoy my peanut butter sandwich. And If you didn’t know is an Iphone/Android app that records your average and top speed for both cycling and running. Be sure to download it so you can one day be top dog on the many other leader boards they contain.



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