It’s been a while since I last posted, life lately has taken me through the craziest roller coaster ride. But now Im back, and guess what Im back with upgrades. To start off I swapped my old 52 144bcd sugino mighty chainring and installed a FSA 50t chainring which has made my drive train that much more of a smooth ride. 50×17 is my current commuter ratio.


Looking back, my bicycle was becoming more and more of an urban machine. I slowly started changing that so I could give it a race bike feel to it. So my search began again for an even sleeker looking bicycle.


During the month of MAY I picked up some 36 hole dura ace hubs with velocitys laced to them. Probably one of the best investments I’ve made in a while. The Dura-Ace hubs where NJS stamped and when riding them you could tell that they where of quality. The added spokes also kept them as true as can be since I’m a light weight guy.


I also had to swap my 2 year old kmc chain that was looking pretty worn out. I cant believe how many miles I put on this chain. All the adventures I’ve had with it, but for now its time to ride some super toughness.


The Izumi Super toughness chain is by far my favorite chain of the whole NJS stamp collection. Its sleek look and great responsiveness when pedaling makes it for one of the best components to have when trying to create the ideal drive train.


After buying a few goodies my bike came out looking a little better, But my eyes turned towards my seat and seat post, I think another upgrade is needed if you know what I mean.


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