Accordion Lungs


The beautiful city that I’ve grown up in. You’ve shown me that it only takes one situation to have your world sky rocketing or crash landing to oblivion. With a car accident that knocked my helmet off too falling OR making too sharp of a turn, that pain is limited to when my father told me that my little brother was not going to make it through his heart surgery.


This man was 18 years old about to turn 19 on July 23rd, His drive for living surpassed many. I miss my little brother everyday especially when I ride because I think about him and his accordion. I remember when he brought it to the house and showed it off. Thought it was pretty rad that he picked up a new hobby. The moments we shared together, they stretch from the time he was born. We where so young and ready to uncover the worlds many mysteries. I love you little bro your will of fire is inside me.


I climbed Mount Wilson to clear my mind to find some guidance. Climbing 5000+ft elevation was reckless since I’m Fixed Brakeless. But I didn’t care because we will either die or succeed. I think my little brother succeeded in changing my life and as his accordion would stretch to make that beautiful music my lungs will do the same. Forever


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