.elohssa Flight Crew


The .elohssa flight crew is a cycling team that I’m in and to be honest these guys are probably the most unique group of racers I have ever met. We are a family thats only looking to help each other improve. The teammate Frankie is one to take notes from, he has the drive of a pro.


We keep true to our training regiment, at the moment we are training together so we can have a strong unison when ever we start competing. We bump heads at times but when it comes to training we go hard.


during the months we take trips to the Pasadena Rose Bowl to work on our time trials and pace lining. Its an awesome feeling when you have your whole team riding over 20mph for a whole hour.


The main brain of this crew is Alino, This guy is an embodiment of cycling culture. He’s mastered the art in riding in traffic and is sergeant major when it comes to being our coach. Check out the .elohssa cycling caps that he’s producing, they are reflective for those who enjoy the night life.


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