Melrose Art Ride


While at the Melrose Art Ride I got to meet this guy with one of the first ever Lightspeed road bikes manufactured. He was full suited up with a bicycle coalition kit. He had his bike in immaculate condition for its age.


The whole event had pizza,drinks, music, art, and a bunch of bicycle related businesses that where trying to promote there new ideas. It was nice roaming around meeting people that where as enthusiastic about cycling as myself.


One thing that I love doing is taking pictures in front of art. Especially if its good art, makes for a good picture and keeps your observational skill locked tight whenever you spot something interesting on the streets.


The ReCycle is a company that manufactures bicycles out of old unused bicycle parts. A company that originally started in portland oregon has moved its way towards Los Angeles. The bikes that where on display where designed for comfort. A bicycle for everyone and anyone and its 100% recycled, sounds like a good idea to me.


The Moshi Moshi bike had on velocity rims and a SRAM100 crank set which are very common in the fixie community. To check out more about the bicycles hit up their website


Art comes in many different shapes and sizes, its not hard to notice it when its right in front of you but when you manage to find a beautiful piece in some random alley way, why not take a picture of it.


Met up with the homie at the event and got a chance to look at the Archive messenger bag, for its very simple design I liked it a lot. All you really need for a good messanger bag is a bunch of space and a bunch of water proof fabric both in which this bag has.


Lastly found this rad piece at the event. This might sound funny but my day was made when I took this photo.


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