The Encino Velodrome

A part of my week is dedicated to velodrome training and when I go I know ill have a hell of a workout. The couch Mr. Shibata is very knowledgable when it comes to track cycling. As you can tell he is one to talk too when it comes to comfort and cycling components. Not to mention he will change your whole outlook in cycling in one training session.


The Velodrome is a very technical course once you get on the saddle. A few things to know before you enter the velo, one is that you should always listen to Mr. Shibata, two is that there is one entrance and one exit, three is that you should never pass someone without a warning scream, and fourth Bring a lot of water. The rest you can learn at the Encino velodrome that is if your into this kind of life style.


…And yes there is so much to learn at the velodrome, this is no walk in the park. Another chapter for us Ghost Riders, see you guys/gals in the ring.


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