Cannondale Criterium on the River Path


Riding through the Los Angeles river path towards DTLA is always a fun ride because the route is mainly flat and there are no cars to interrupt you when giving it your all. One obstacle to watch out for are the roots that left bumps on the road, I was careless one night and fell very hard because of the bumps. Nonetheless this is a bike path for all, after passing the bridge on Los Feliz you will see a few rest stops with parks that are all creatively designed. I encourage more people to ride or jog this bike path because it will keep any malevolence from occurring.


The homie Vee doesn’t care though, he’ll ride through any gang of chumps and throw them a few knuckle sandwiches. With his Cannondale Criterium Road bike he has finally achieved roadie statues by beating some person who had a Specialized roubaix. Words of advice, the person makes the bike go fast.


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