Hit and Run


Imagine yourself riding through the night or moseying by day to some location. With the world working with you you decide take the long way home. Minutes later you get hit by a car and wake up in a hospital bed with a neck collar and no recollection of what just happened. These type of incidences happen all the time in Los Angeles. Most of the hit and runs that happen get unreported because of the LAPD not really focusing on the situation. I’ve been hit by 2 cars in the last 3 years and to be honest it’s not something to take lightly. The shock of being hit has left me with a slight fear of cars and how careless a person can become once behind the wheel. If only the law worked on our favor and gave us more of the right of way to prevent any type of accident like this.


Ways to help prevent yourself from getting hit by a car is to always wear reflective clothing or something bright in color. Buy high powered lights so that you can be seen. It’s best to always ride with a buddy because in case an accident occurs you can have the other cyclist be a witness. If you have the money buy a GoPro so that you can have the incident recorded. Lastly wear a helmet whenever you ride, its better to be safe then sorry in the streets of LA.


2 thoughts on “Hit and Run

  1. Jason first thing should be WEAR A HELMET!….and you forgot legally you will always be at fault if you dont have a break on your bike…so that’s what I think we all must do to reverse this unjustifiable predjuice against us fixed wheel riders.

    1. Mojo I’m already assuming that the rider has a helmet. That is the golden rule. And for the prejudice.. Not everyone rides brake less and not everyone rides fixed gear.. I’m On the topic of how to reduce the getting hit not about reducing any further injury when your hit….

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