Life’s Pursuit


Devastation, the reason most of us fallen angels never achieve our goals and ambitions. Where and when do we vent out all these demons so that we can live a better day? I have one passion, which is cycling but on the side I have a plethora of hobbies. These hobbies keep me from an ever growing depression. I draw and feel my characters as if they where my kin, and with every new image created another mountain is scaled. Similar to cycling, the progress is most evident. My life’s pursuit is to be happy, what is yours?


Now that I’m 21 of age, independent, and living a life as a cyclist, I think to myself and see the whole universe of memories in my mind turning into a timeline. I swim through the space and find my most life changing moments. I don’t cry for them nor do I smile, I just sit and think about them, imagining a person very different from myself today. imagine you could change the past, now that would be an unforgiving ability. Taking in the good and the bad one day at a time, life is balanced, and in a sense it might all be YIN and YANG.


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