Summer Music Festival

music event8

On my way towards the summer music festival I met an owner of a Breakbrake17 Transfer which is one of the new pursuit frames that’s out on the market. The bike itself looks beautiful and the owner said that the responsiveness of the bike makes the bike virtually durable for both the street and the track. Pretty dope set up if I don’t say so myself


It was one of many grand park music festivals, this place was raging with awesome people and even better music. The atmosphere was more then euphoric especially since I was with awesome friends. The community that is influenced by techno music and chill wave sound really knows how to party.


Bee is one of my newest friends and she is no stranger in the arts of having a good time. She has made my summer that much better, and I appreciate hanging out with her every time we get the chance to do so. If you see her in the streets riding her fixed give her a peace sign for being so dope.


To end the night me, her and a few friend went to a bar and enjoyed some drinks. when the day turning to a close we all parted ways and Ané made his leave with his handmade chariot for his dogs.


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