Alino CEO of .elohssa cycling co.


Respect is not given its earned, and from what I know this man has everyones respect. His ideas and charisma towards the cycling culture have always been community based. From Fixed gear freestyle to mashing through the streets of LA he has the skill to many things done especially on a track bike. To be more involved with the elohssa cycling co empire visit the website


“For the fixed Gear enthusiast smashing hills and dodging traffic on the way to work. Pedaling 50-60 miles just because they feel like it. Group rides with a mob of your friends for the love of being on a fixed gear. At the same time being creative with whatever they do and owning it to the fullest, on or off your bike. You are .elohssa . Just trying to bring back the old school and mix it in with the booming fixed gear culture of today.”

if you see a bike with sticker think of the motto up top, that is .elohssa….we are .elohssa


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