Pedaler’s West


I didn’t know what to expect when I headed inside Pedaler’s, but once I got myself acquainted with some of the staff they started showing off some of their gems. Lets just say they weren’t kidding when they said they sell the best.


To start off they had a bright yellow Kalavinka frame with one of the most detailed head badges that I’ve ever seen. The craftsmanship on this frame is what every steel frame should be like, but sadly not everyone has the money for such a detailed bicycle.


The Kalavinka is a NJS keirin track frame, the history of keirin track frames stem around the mid 90’s where the japanese would gamble on the racers, but once the new millennium rolled by keirin racing became a part of the olympics.


The decals on the frame had that NJS glitter to them, its an expensive frame why not


Dont forget about the NJS stamped Sugino 75 crank with a Sugino Zen chainring to add more sexiness to the bike. The Izumi Super toughness is the only chain that should be created, this is spoken from experience, once you go NJS you’ll never stress.


Racing frames like this are one of a kind, be sure to visit Pedaler’s West for a quote on the bike if your interested in purchasing the whole set up.


This is the deal of the month this giant road bike with Mavic Ksyrium ES rims and full Dura-Ace group set. You’ll probably pass out once they tell you the price of the whole bike. It’s less then 1,500 so you wont have to lose a leg or arm for the bike.


Its a size small but if your interested in components this is a deal!


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