Chrome bags; used and abused


Chrome bags have been raging all around Los Angeles, so I took the liberty of buying a Chrome Heritage messenger bag. The Bag in all its integrity was very comfy, but If I had something in my bag that was placed in a wrong angle my back would feel the sharp pain of whatever was inside since it wasn’t padded efficiently.


I do give it a 10/10 in having a creative and versatile way of storing everything. The word to describe this bag is “simple”. Looking back for traffic wasn’t much of a problem and the shoulder strap had its few moments of actually harming my performance because of all the stuff I had inside it. Nonetheless it was a good bag


The Chrome Yalta Backpack was awesome, I had some of the raddest moments when riding around with the bag, with the padding that felt “just right” too the convenience of having been able to carry virtually anything(realistically speaking) this bag was nice.


On the side I deliver bike parts to the people within my community and when I get the chance to deliver a wheel set or frame I usually bring a few bungie cords to have them locked tight on my back but with the strap thats already included it made the processes of buckling components on my back a breeze. For that reason I consider This bag as one of chromes master pieces


After trying a few of chromes top selling backpacks I finally found the one that was meant for me. The Chrome Orlov had me organizing my supplies an endless amount of times just to see how versatile this bag could really be. With 4 conveniently shaped pockets I was able to stuff all of my tools and add some extra goodies that I couldn’t do with the previous bags.


I recommend this bag to anyone who is into organization and comfort. I don’t think ill go with any other bag unless I come up with the money to buy a Road Runner bag.


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