EddieBoy In LA: An Immortalized Cyclist


Another cyclists passes away, another story is made. Life in Los Angeles can get pretty gritty at times but once your within the right community of people you can immortalize a soul. It’s a beautiful thing when you see your friends joining together to give tribute to an active cyclist especially if you barely knew him.


Cyclist of all shapes and sizes came out to give tribute. Some like myself only talked to eddie boy once or twice others knew him as a brother. We would roam the streets that night to show how we felt, united for one person was our purpose.

The ride leader spoke of Eddie boy with kind words that only a true friend could say. He teared up at times but with passion he pushed on to finish what he had to say. The ride lead was given a round of applause when he had no more to say. A fitting ending for a great friend.


There where two stops throughout the whole event both with music blasting and people dancing. Celebration is a perfect way to commemorate someones acceptance to the afterlife. Everyone was joyful and proud to be there that day, for myself I was happy to be a part of something so beautiful.


Life, death, and balance; somethings just cant be comprehended nor should these secrets ever be understood. Just know that these are all bound to happen, so live as free and happy as you can be because we wont know when it’s our turn to leap into the void.

photo credit to the person who took these flicks.


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