Metro: Bike Lockers For All


In the city of Los Angeles there are many obvious treasures that we pass without notice. In North Hollywood the bicycle community is striving and reaching out in all ways so we can create a bike friendly atmosphere. The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition(LACBC) created bike lockers for those who commute and need a safe place to store their bikes. It’s not a surprise that this benefit has yet to be advertised but since Im one to notice the obvious I will kindly spread some awareness. Bicycle locker rentals are currently $24 for 6 months, plus a $50 refundable security key deposit.


1. First, contact the Bicycle Parking Coordinator at 213.922.2660 to find out if a locker is available at your preferred Metro station. If there is a locker available, go to the second step. If not, the Coordinator will put your name on a waiting list.

2. Second, print out and complete the Bicycle Locker Agreement from Metro’s website,

3. Third, mail the (1) agreement, and (2) a check for $74.00 made out to the “LACBC.” Do not mail the check WITHOUT attaching the agreement.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 13113
Los Angeles, CA 90013

You will be sent a key and locker assignment when payment is received. When the key is returned, your key deposit will be refunded. If the key is lost, the deposit is forfeited and a new key deposit is required. Rental fees are not reimbursable.

Rental fees for renewals are due at the anniversary date. You will receive a renewal reminder two weeks prior to expiration. Make sure your contact information, including phone numbers, are always up-to-date. Call 213.922.2660 if your contact information changes.

(Rental fees are subject to change)


3 thoughts on “Metro: Bike Lockers For All

  1. stupid.
    another ‘attempt’ by this city to blend into tbe cool but unlike the others there are hardly enough or any available.

    NOHo has how many…?

    1. the city and its people have a huge amount of problems, don’t blame a city for what man should have changed years ago. these bike racks are fact that the bicycle community is sprouting out into our surroundings. it might not be the greatest of structures but its working. $50 deposit that you get back after you return the key for the bike’ll get the money back.

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