Encino Velodrome: Orange 20 cup


The Orange 20 cup was pretty fun and competing with some of my friends made it even more worth wild. Everyones growth seems to be a consistent thing which makes me want to train harder and harder. The Ride The Black Line series gives anyone a chance to show their skills. Sadly, those who are over confident without the training thats needed seem to have the tendency of crashing.


For myself I was riding the B class races. I underestimated how much of a difference B class was from C and with my 4 hours of sleep I attempted the suffer test. Doing both a 200 kilo sprint and a 25 lap omnium I was happy to even finish. I was late for the TT and rushed to install my drop bars and right when we where ready to start I realized I adjusted my bar angle a little to far from my arm length. Nonetheless, I finished the races with average scores even though I felt like passing out by the end of the omnium. Remember kids get rest before a race, it’s vital for your performance and health.


Now that one race is finished another will surly come after. Never give up and always attempt something even if you think its not your time Because you don’t want to be the one who said “what if”.


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