Riding with friends for Jamaican food


Riding with John is always a humbling experience because when I first started riding during TTF(TACO TRUCK FRIDAYS) him and all the other guys from Ride Mafia where always faster then me. Looking up to them and analyzing how they road got me to a level where we can all ride without being left behind. I remember times when I was a belligerent rider never really looking for change, I can see now that they helped me grow to become who I am today.


Riding towards Glendale from North Hollywood with only a cup of coffee in my belly was not a good idea. We sprinted down the Los Angeles River Path and trekked our way through Los Feliz just to make our way toward a farmers market on brand st. Hungry as a grown man can get we decided to ride back after a drink of water. During the hot summer it’s always essential to drink water with a tea spoon of salt so you can have some electrolytes when you need them.


Deciding that Jamaican food would be the best option for a meal we ordered a dozen of Coley’s Jamaican Patties. If you ever go to North Hollywood after a ride I suggest Coley’s Jamaica’s Best Cuisine. The patties where huge and delicious, I’ll go again whenever I want a taste of jamaica.


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