The D.A.M.P. Earbeard


The D.A.M.P. Earbeard has always been a dream bike for me to own and ride. The Pursuit design gives any downhill bomber more initiative to fly at speeds that would be considered reckless. Being a no brakes kind of guy this bike suited me. Since its design is strictly “TRACK” the engineer never added brake holes.


While riding a closed canyon course near burbank I had no reason to slow my roll. Having road down hill on a climbing ratio I had fun with road beneath me. The feeling of this bike is perfect for anyone interested in pursuit frames. The double butted columbus steel tubing does make the ride a little shaky but aside from that the responsiveness is top grade.


After having fun with the drop bars I decided to change the handle bars to risers. The riser bars make for a perfect ride whenever coming across a bunch of LA traffic. Having ridden risers for some time now I always take that chance and ride towards tight situations that wider handle bars cant get through.


A little about the components, Mavic ellipse rim set and the sugino mighty crank set made the bike stand out. The miche super type saddle and specialized toupe expert carbon saddle also complimented the frames sleek design. The NJS approved pedals and straps also made for a perfect combination once locked into the sugino mighty crank set.


You only have one story so don’t stay on one chapter, always change it up. Make sure your always riding towards the sunset because with patience you might one day obtain its light. The power of a son can be obtained and maybe one day you can shine the darkness with a passion thats impeccable. It’s not about being the fastest rider or having the coolest bike. Last time I remember riding bikes was an excuse to hang out with my friends.


2 thoughts on “The D.A.M.P. Earbeard

  1. Hey how’s it going, so look I currently own this frame but I was just in a bike accident an the frame was total I was wondering if I can estimate on the frame an fork I would really appreciate it thank you

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