Cyclists Of North Hollywood


Mike is one of the ride leads for both Sunday Night Boogie and Thursday Night Promenade. He always takes the time to make spoke cards for the cyclists that come join him and occasionally brings prize for those who win his track stand competitions. His newest Bike is also pretty rad with it’s NJS components. Join him every Thursday so you can enjoy the promenade.


The double Aerospoked demon aka Bingo is another embodiment of .elohssa cycling. His straight to the point approach to life has carried on into his cycling and made him a force to be reckoned with. Catch him on the street if you want a challenge.

check out .elohssa cycling’s website for the latest apparel


Gerald is a huge .elohssa supporter and enjoys sporting the brand 24/7. The Unknown LV2 looks pretty sweet with the Miche crank set not to mention the full black set up makes the Unknown logo stand out nicely. Unknown Bicycles have been seen left and right in North Hollywood and some are honestly set up proper.

if interested in buying an Unknown check out their website


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