The Bike Connection


On Ventura blvd The BIKE CONNECTION has a huge inventory of Specialized products. With amazing customer service these guys are the real deal in bicycle maintenance/ product.


Cycling apparel are one of the few things that they have a huge inventory in. Check them out if your looking for a new helmet or some cycling gloves.


They also carry Sockguy’s for those cyclists looking for a change in their wardrobe.


One of the talented mechanics works patiently on a mountain bike.


Around the store you’ll find some interesting bicycle related ornaments that you wont find anywhere else.


also weighing your bike is available for those weight weenies that want to know how much your ride weighs.


Full selection on mountain bikes brought to you by specialized.


Youth bicycles are also available and in various colors.


check out all the tread.


while wondering around I found a Specialized Langster track bike, fully set up for 629.99. Anyone interested in a 1″ steerer track bike should pick this up. I’d personally change the components so I can give it that NJS look.


For a professionally built track bike this is an honest price.


Toddlers bikes are in stock if you want to build something for your sons and daughters.


While chatting it up with the owner I asked him if he had any rare bikes, surprisingly he showed me some of his gems. Specialized bicycles always tests the boundaries of road bikes and the Allez jr road bike is one that surprises many that find it hanging on their wall. This bike is not for sale.


Bmx’s from the 1980’s are also being sold at the bicycle connection. You just need to ask for the pricing.


If appreciate good craftsmanship then you should appreciate these rims.


Hutch bikes.


This Hutch Bmx is a collectors dream, after doing some research I found out that this bikes components still run at an expensive price.


Gt bikes from the 80’s remind me of track bikes of today. Colorful and built for performance.


Another aggressive BMX


This one has a metallic engraving.


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