SoCalCross: The Season has begun!


Welcome to the world of cyclocross, a sport where men and women ride through the dirt roads for a greater escape. This community of cyclists ride road bike or fixed gears but with tires that make trail riding easy and down hill bombing a blast.


The women’s races started first and to see them perform had me dumbfounded on how I didn’t get into this sport any earlier. These gals where skidding turns, flying off ramps, and moving through obstacles like masters.


the Race face always makes for a great picture.


after the women’s C and B race was finished Shamane who’s rocking a dope .elohssa cycling tee managed to win 5th place! Proud of her and excited to see how far she will grow this season.


I also ran into a homie who was rocking a very nice mountain bike. it was interesting to see a mountain bike with no gears but once he told me that his drop outs and hub can be adjusted into a coasting/fixed gear/geared bike I had to take a picture of it.


a drive train has never looked so awesome.


Once the women’s division was finished the men came out to play and I’m not going to lie these guys where playing hard. Right off the gate they made cyclocross look like road racing.


One of the obstacles was a huge ramp. I was serious when I said huge.


other obstacles forced you to get off your bike.


And for the top dogs of the sport, they showed everyone how to excel in the sport. It was awesome to see high level competitors having fun in their element.

Check out for all the latest info on races, events, new, and results.


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