Bicykillers: Architecture Ride


Whenever you hit up a new ride do you ever get that anxious feeling of how fast everyone is going to go? or what if you get dropped from the pack? because if you dont the Bicykillers will make you feel that way. These guys go pretty hard when it comes to cycling. This road cycling club has gotten themselves a reputation in being one of the fastest in the Valley. They even print out direction sheets just so if you get lost you can make your way towards the pack.


I was taken on a tour of some beautiful architecture, the first stop was a neighborhood of houses that where designed for privacy. Most of the houses like the one in front of me had no windows for people to see inside or outside. Also they where designed to be a single story house but throughout the years some people tweaked their design with windows and even a second floor. The Garage doors also had projected images playing.

If you enjoy riding fast on a Thursday nights be ready to Clip in at 8:30.

they meet up at the north hollywood coffee bean on chandler/ lankershim.


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