Santa Susana: King Me race


Jerry Rios taking first place at the race showing off some tactics that had me working to catch up. The Gorilla Smash Squad team member was riding a 46×17 gear ratio. A well deserved spot for a guy that enjoys having fun while racing. Don’t let that face fool you he was all smiles during the climb.


Team Rider for both Gorilla Smash Squad and Leader Bikes Neu York had no intentions of going slow.. thus landing him with the 2nd place spot. His team tactics and finding a way to stay at the top pack had me watching out for myself when I was left with three GSS members, at the final stretch. Not to mention he was riding the newest installment in the Leader arsenal that being the Leader Eqnx.


The race was fun and the racers threw a lot of heart into this challenge. Especially my teammates Angel and Anthony you guys did awesome. I had tons of fun leading the pack and winning the KOM gold lap. But none the less this was a great way to start the year.


Thanks to Fix Fixies Dante Young for throwing an awesome event. Cant wait to see whats next with the homies event organizing.

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