Garmin 510 EDGE


For the last year I have been wishing for the Garmin 510 to land on my hands. This past christmas my wish was granted and my two beautiful friends pitched in to buy me this awesome cycling tool. These last few weeks I’ve learned how to use it so I can better my cycling and help me understand where I stand during every training. With interval training I can set a destination and race a computerized version of myself so that I can beat my fastest time. The backlight display gives me clear view of the time, temperature, distance traveled, speed, and elevation gained, not bad for a little computer. Also, my phone is now obsolete and is only used in case of an emergency.


Upgrading the Garmin mount from its stock mount was also a positive change just for the reason that my head is less focused on the stem and more focused on the road. The K-EDGE Garmin mount is one of many Garmin mounts that are out on the market. I chose this one in particular just for the fact that its made in the USA. Lastly, the Garmin 810 would have been cool but its bulky size and GPS mapping would have killed the enjoyment I get when I’m lost on the road looking for a way back home. Cycling to me is getting lost while figuring your way back home, that is my thrill, what is yours?


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