Ghost Riders


A Ghost Rider is one who understands that a happy attitude towards life is more important then any ego. Riding with friends and mashing the streets for that therapeutic feeling to rush again is all we need. Even if our lives revolve around school, work, family, etc.


Any man or women can ride a bike but to be a Ghost Rider you need to give up all that clouds you. Understanding that your mind, body, and soul deserve to ride whatever path that comes across you, just as long as you keep pushing.


If you don’t like us, we’ll just wave the finger. Trust me when I tell you we have genuine hearts with honest emotions. We are kind but once on the streets we turn a little primal.


What can you say that will make us stop smiling? nothing at all because we’ve never met a hater do it better then us. Have fun you guys/gals and ride on.


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