Out with the old, In with the new


The Mavic Ellipses where by far my most prized component when acquiring them last year. After a year of riding with the wheel set I realized that these rims are a Velodrome only wheel set. The reason I say that is because when I was climbing I felt as if my rims when flexing to much, since its a 20 spoked front and rear rim I didn’t feel the stiffness I get from my new rims.


The Suzue PRO MAX hubs laced to the H+son TB14 rims on the other hand make for the stiffest ride. I feel as if these rims are bomb proof and all the force I throw into them when attacking on a climb can be perfectly transferred.


The holographic Hub’s also make for a nice ice breaker when people come and ask me what wheel set I have. The Sealed bearing hubs never stop spinning by the way but thats what expect when your purchase them from one of the oldest japanese hub makers.


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