Pedal Fest


The day started early for me and the fellow FLIGHT CREW teammates. We all met up in hollywood at the beautiful SPACE1520 venue. I had a blast testing out the goldsprint bikes courtesy of city grounds.


.elohssa cycling co had a good start with their booth of T-shirts, hoodies, and cycling apparel.


Emblem bicycles owner Craig had an awesome display of his custom Road bike. With all Shimano 105 components the bike saw surprisingly light.


Dj Ache was also spinning some tunes, with his awesome sets people where having fun all night.


Through out the day more and more cyclist came out to the event, just in time for the Alley cat race. People from state bikes, Emortal, Kushtown, and even Pure fix came out to have a good time


The Alley cat race was awesome and all the racers did great. Im very proud of my team for getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. We did awesome with all the place lining, running red lights, and dodging on coming cars. I’d try not making this a habit though.


this 22 mile alley cat had everyone pushing their limits. Those that finished had a smile or a blank stair on their face knowing that they completed a race that could have nearly killed them.


After the alley cat race everyone went to the main stage and even more people came for the gold sprints. With the sprints in session people threw down the hammer for that first place prize in being the fasted 200 meter sprinter.


The Race was so entertaining that the crowd went wild for every win and loss. I lost my voice the next day for all the cheering I had done.


As you can see this was no ordinary bicycle event, this was a festival.


1st place on the gold sprints was Raul! he did great especially with the shoes I let him borrow.


And for the FLIGHT CREW team..anthony, angel and I. we where so proud to accomplish a team sweep.


Artists like thesis, Evan Roman, and Box of beats tore up the stage with awesome musical taste.


After so many beers I started feeling tired and exhausted. The day was awesome, I met so many awesome cyclists. That day was a good day for cycling. Hope for many more to come.


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