Hidden Agenda co.


A few months back I was contacted by my good friend Charlie to do some modeling work. Doing him the favor I took the opportunity and ran with it. I asked him, why choose me from all the talented people he knows. He said “because you have a dream and your always making it into a reality”. Those words have stuck to me and inspired me to do better each and everyday. Live by being the change you want to see, I guess.


Having enjoyed cycling to such an extent I’ve realized that people who chase their dreams, cycling related or not become seen by the general public. We become examples for what people can achieve. Good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, we strive to do what we do for an addicting end result, LYL;


One thought on “Hidden Agenda co.

  1. Wise words. The sense of pride and prestige of cycling is hard to put into words. The good part (in your case) is that it does not have to be verbally explained. Your friend noticed your attitude and approach to the world of cycling and gravitated towards that.

    Not much more can be asked for other than that. It’s the reason why actors act, why painters paint, and why cyclist ride (among hundreds of other reasons.) In my eyes, if you can find a medium in which you are able to express your deepest feelings and find others that can understand and sympathies with us, mission accomplished.

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