S-works EVADE Helmet


I was given the EVADE helmet at work as a gift from my boss for helping him out on building a shop website. Excited as can be I slapped the helmet on and went for some test runs. First thing I must say about the Evade is that its definitely an aerodynamic helmet. On my first test run at the velodrome I could feel the wind tunneling through the helmets few but effective vents. It was cooling my head enough so I wouldn’t over sweat.


The helmet weighed lighter then my Lazer 02 helmet but the straps on the Evade where a little flimsy compared to the 02. A down side to the helmet is that if your one to grow out your hair this helmet could be your worst enemy. The long locks can plug all the vents and lead your head to sweat way more then usual. Aside from that it’s a beautiful helmet and those who wear it are lucky to have up to date technology protecting their heads.


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