New Frame: The Keirin Pro


The bicycle that taught me so much, now in pieces. Memories of hosting weekly bike rides, charity races, and competing with you flashed through my mind. An image of myself suffering through endless hours of riding now catching up to me for a fitting farewell. You are a personal trophy of my potential, and how much stronger I will one day become.


At the pure fix Hq I was greeted with kind smiles and an almost completed set up of components. They asked me if I wanted to have my new bike built by a professional bike shop. I told them I could build it myself and so I began working.


I decided to ride with Thomson components and see what the hype was all about.


40cm Thomson carbon road drops and a 120mm stem. Some of my favorite components are now in my possession.


I kept my drive train from my last build for the reason that I didn’t need to really purchase the same components when these are perfectly fine and functional. At one point function will consume your wallet.


In the end the bicycle complete weighed 15 pounds 1 pound lighter then my fort.


1 month and a few weeks later my new bike and I have experienced riding in New York, bombing our nations third steepest down hill, and a few races at the velodrome. I am very excited to see where else this bike takes me. I hope you are all up for the ride.


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