A Day At The Races


From the start of the year to know that the team has grown smaller was a real shocker. The dedication of these guys is impeccable, as a team we have grown to appreciate each others strengths and weaknesses. Now that we have decided to make the velodrome our main focus, we embark on a huge adventure.


Our first velodrome race of the season and without a doubt we came to prove a point. Winning my races I was too tired for the final points match race since I was also working on the bicycle swap meet since 7am. Angel, who is one of my teammates got second on his points match and proved that anyone with dedication is bound to win. I’m happy that my team gave it their all.


My first sprints race was intense, during the 4 lap race I jumped the gun too early but knowing that my competitor didn’t know my endurance I held a 26mph pace for the final 3 laps until on the final corner I gunned it to 30mph. Thus giving me the win and a huge feeling of light headedness.


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