Circa New York City


My first real realized that I was going to spend a few days in NYC was when I held my airplane ticket. A young gun of a cyclist ready to embark on my first major adventure. Red hook crit was the main objective, a very unrealistic win for me at the time…but the experience that brought me to where I am today…where ever that might be.


Working as a bike mechanic at the time I disassembled my steed with the team. We took off bright and early to meet with a New York local by the name of Irving. The team manager met him on instagram of all places and decided to make him our tour guide. He was an awesome host who took us through some of the most beautiful areas of New York City.


After trekking 20 miles to our hotel we got situated, rested our minds, and moseyed to our first destination to pick up our bib numbers. What a surreal experience it was to see all my hard work at the time become something. At this time I still couldn’t get over the fact that I was going to race in NYC.


A day passes and a new chapter begins. I’m at central park breathing the cold air and looking at the city with the eyes of a child. The architecture and the people who are one of a kind gave me the idea that I was in a cartoon. The personalities where truly unique and very memorable. The cyclist’s here are the what I call myself at times..”I am bike.”


During our 60 mile adventure through NYC our tour guide Irving organized a group ride of enthusiastic cyclist making it one hell of a party ride. Running red lights, skitching cars, and watching people fall where some of the few things that I got to witness during this portion of my adventure. We also had a reporter from Urban cyclist doing a write up on his experience at NYC.


One thing I told myself to do while I was at NYC was to eat some of their delicious pizza. I had the choice to choose from their $1.50 pizza or the competitive $1.25 pizza. We totally went the cheaper route and feasted like kings. When night time hit a leader sponsored rider by the name of Neu york and myself got lost and had to navigate ourselves through the wet streets of Brooklyn. We found our way after an hour of searching and managed to get some good rest for the race that would test our strength and mentality.


And so it begins, The road to red hook crit was wet and reckless. The cold storm was not settling and our blood was just beginning to boil. We make it to our destination and intimidation instantly hits. As a racer of only a few months this was an instant reality check. I couldn’t even stay on the rollers with the nervousness that was hitting me. But once I got my mental straight I was ready to hit the course.


The race was what most people can say “WET and TECHNICAL.” Getting the fastest time in my team on the time trail I was not satisfied with my results. The race was beautiful and dangerous. An experience that lead me to even more rigorous training routes and riding with more challenging adversaries. Till next time..


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