KUSHTOWN: LOS ANGELES is one of my most respected night rides I participate in. Every wednesday, rain or shine they hit the streets to go venture out to the farthest corners of Los Angeles. I for one can voice for all the strong men and women who developed a competitive feel while riding this wednesday ride.


The Race was on a warm night with racers from team Throne, Leader, and Unknown bikes who where ready for some action. I had no idea what I was going to get into but managed to ride a strong pace line with complete strangers. My team and I where scattered so my allies where my adversaries. By the second check point I was all alone riding a 20+ pace through the LA streets. Remembering that if I take some residential streets I might cut some time on an expected gap. On the final check point I ride up this street called Cannon and when mulhulland was beneath me the check point people told me I was only 2 minutes from the lead. I instantly got back on my ride and pedal as hard as I could to the finish. Having to carry an egg on the final check point it was no easy task but I managed to not gas myself out taking on the 4th place position.

Check out the strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/132668552


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