The Inevitable Road To Recovery


I thank my family for teaching me how to stay strong through all the turmoil that quickly creeps through our lives. Just as quickly though does it vanish if you keep your head up high and look into the possibilities that await you. I was hit by a car a few months ago and this one was one for the books. I am a man of one life who is only lucky most of the time. I woke up with the smell of blood and dirt after I was hit. Day’s passed by and I replayed what happened as if I was the one at fault when I was the victim.


Material possessions are replaceable and I looked at it as a symbol of what we should appreciate in life. Items come and go but they don’t stay like a memory or a limb. I don’t know who or what I prayed too during my recovery but my faith was strong. RIP Garmin 510EDGE


I looked at my bike with the same dirt and blood of that accident that has aged on it and I could only feel sad. My physical and mental self where broken. I had many friends and family come by and give me support, My love for them will forever be infinite. Such a downward spiral that my life was in, all the training that was done to become an ideal me. I would lay in bed and repeat scenarios in where I did something wrong and try to change them…then I’d open my eyes and see that all that has passed. Nothing will change history that is written, you can only learn from it and try to not let it repeat again.


You live and you learn, on to the next chapter.


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