Never Give Up


What happens when the foundation crumbles and you need to start over from square one? I got back up with whatever energy I had left. The human being creates mental walls that make life harder to bare when hitting an all time low. I was told by the doctor that I’d be immobile for a few weeks so I had to really look at myself and find some strength to help me start building my passion for competitive cycling. I went to my sponsor and they let me borrow a another Keirin Pro track bike until I could buy a new frame. The beauty of this new bike was that I really felt the rider support from my sponsorship and they where beyond helpful when it came to my complete recovery.


After a few weeks of slow pedaling I was about 75% healed and then I started sharpening my skill for the up coming ride the black line series. I went through my usual training routes and escaped towards the mountains to find relief. Above the clouds is where I felt every part of my body becoming stronger and with that my passion reinvented itself into what it is today. The beauty of being a cyclist are the sights and without a doubt this was one for the sorest of eyes.


During the first half of the ride the black line series I was still injured but I had multiple 1st place wins and achieved many goals that I wished to achieve the previous year. The competition was tough, especially with the cyclists I started racing with. They never make racing easy with their promising skills.


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