California Dreamin’


Spontaneous adventures with a dose of good time loving. I explore san francisco with my teammate/best friend, with so little time and so much work to do after we come back home we had to escape. Taking the Megabus from LA-SF we where dropped off around 2am.


We roamed through the quiet streets of downtown SF for a few hours until we found a hostel so we could rest and figure out where are apartment was located. After day broke we went to grab some clam chowder and a coffee.


The road to our apartment was all hills. Typical SF to have amazing scenery all around you but for a price. Once at the apartment we where going to be staying at, we dropped our stuff and started to make ourselves feel comfortable.


This was the second time I took my bike to SF. First time was when I ventured here with two friends for our SF-LA adventure. Every time I lay foot here I seem to always find something new to love about this city. The mountains, sea, and city are all unique and filled with a tremendous amount of culture that you just want to stop and reflect at how much beauty is surrounding you.


I’m a soul who enjoys art of all styles, especially street art. The graffiti in the city had so much variety that I would constantly be looking over my shoulder to not miss any hidden gems. Perhaps I was born with curiosity the likes of young crows.


During my second day at SF, I stumbled across the MASH store where I got to meet one of the racers and look at their SF store front. Filled with tons of track bike history I had to take something with me.


Leaving the MASH store with a parallax race team jersey I hung it up over my apartments window. It’s interesting, when I started I never expected myself to be in a race team nor did I expect myself to walk a party with friends similar to theirs. I respect the team for keeping it real.


I’m not one to ride my bike up dirt roads but when it takes you to a view this beautiful you do what you must. looking at the city filled with all its people and dreams that where made or broken I let the cool breeze finish my wondering.


The three day weekend comes to an end, It was a great vacation with many new friends made and a friendship strengthened. What you do for love is very important nowadays, Till next time.


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