Team Flight Crew: King Of Turnbull


The King of Turnbull Challenge was a ridiculously tough race which consisted in multiple up hill sprints. Many of the track bike category racers had to run up hill at some points since the grade of the mountain was at times ridiculous.


Angel, Eric, and myself woke up early to head over there. It’s a great feeling to have have teammates join me in a race. We all through out some strong attacks and I for one gassed out so hard during all the races. One Lesson learned don’t take a heavy ratio on a climbing race! Angel and Eric made top ten during all the races leaving me to take a top 15 spot most of the time.


By the end of the race Angel finished a strong 4th place and Eric was 11th leaving me at 15th place. I must stay we are strong as a team and we are only developing our skill with every new race. Knowledge is power and my teammates where equipped with the right gear ratios and mentalities. Till the next one…


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