King me: Hansen dam


When I first started racing I’d be nervous reck inside and would put myself down during the race when I saw strong competition. After a lot of months of training, losing, and winning events I built this confidence that turned into my philosophy of racing. The joy of being in battle is what I ask for and a good show is what I hope to give. Everyone has a time to shine especially when bridging a gap or forcing the final sprint for a podium finish.

during this race we clocked at 25mph average for 30 plus miles. It honestly felt like a fast party ride. With the competition being fixed gear brake less we all had our times to throw down the hammer. At one point I was boxed in when a 6 man breakaway that dashed past me. They where strong to keep away for one lap but sadly one guy managed to keep a distance and take first.


After the last lap had begun, night finally fell and we where all ready for the final attacks. Me, a few friends, and team GLK where pacing at high speeds through the final turns and one broke away but was caught. After that two more people broke away and I was on third position, after they gassed out I couldn’t hold the final sprint for the up hill finish and took 4th place out of over 50 competitors. It was an awesome display of efforts, I even turned my head on the up hill finish to see a racer hot on my wheel. every day we grow and those who excel in this sport are the ones who decide to spend their days on the saddle. Till next time…


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